Understand What Your Customers Are Saying About You Online

Gain Insights

Understand your customers and learn how to approach them.

Summarize Opinions

Detect popular opinions in a moment.

Prioritize Content

Identify topics and comments with the greatest impact.

Follow Trends

Tracks topics and opinions over time.

Behind SentiSquare

Know how

Our team has 12-year experience in text analysis.

Semantic Analysis

SentiSquare goes beyond keywords and understands the text.

Language Independence

Czech, Hungarian, French, English, Slovak, Polish, German, Italian, Spanish, ... you name it!

Big Data

Millions of comments are analyzed by SentiSquare.

Our Happy Clients

Wrote About Us

Why Choose Us?

State-of-the-Art Technology

We have been researching natural language processing for 12 years.

We Are Young

We work for ourselves. Nothing stops us. We are talented and committed. We continuously strive to get better.

Our Great Team

Doc. Josef Steinberger, Ph.D.CEO

Josef, an associate professor at UWB, is the spiritual father of the company. He is linking the technical and business teams. He worked on the realtime news monitoring system at EC's JRC.

Ing. Tomáš Brychcín, Ph.D.Research & Developement

Tomáš is responsible for the research and development of SentiSquare products. His research is focused on natural language processing, especially on semantic analysis.

Ing. Michal Konkol, Ph.D.Research & Developement

Michal works as researcher and developer in SentiSquare. He is an expert in the field of natural language processing, especially information extraction.

Jan TichýAccount Manager

Jan is a key Account Manager. He is responsible for the management of sales, and relationships with particular customers.

Ing. Stanislav Rejthar, MBAMarketing Manager

Slávek is responsible for social insights. He is a marketing and telco expert.

Ing. Václav VlkAccount Manager

Václav is an Account Manager. He is responsible for satisfying clients' needs and for acquisition of new clients.

Ghalem OuadjedAccount Manager

CEO in three tech companies offering innovative solutions to clients, currently selling SentiSquare solution on French market.